Monument Engraving System

The LS Series is the best-selling large format cutting and engraving system on the market. No other laser system is more flexible and cost effective than this series, offering a host of available options, sizes, and laser powers. This line is primarily designed for engraving applications. Our machines boast an engraving speed of up to 100 IPS (inches per second) and utilize micro stepping drives for unprecedented engraving detail. The standard system comes with an engraving deck and an adjustable head assembly.


High-Precision Servo Drives

The L-Star line uses an advanced, all brushless servo motor drives that are directly connected to the main motion board for faster servo update rates and seamless motion at high speeds.

Remote Pendant

The remote pendant allows for full machine control anywhere around the laser. It provides full color graphics display and easy access to all your job files.

Precision Motion

The LS utilizes the straight tooth rack and pinion drive system for quick and accurate engraving capabilities.

Sealed Metal Tube Laser

The L-Star is available with lasers from 35 watts to 300 watts (model dependent).

Solid Steel Construction

The all-welded steel construction of the L-Star is stress relieved and precision machined to make the L-Star a robust and accurate system.

Standard Table Configuration

The L-Star includes an updraft dust manifold and removable engraving deck to allow for larger material such as monuments.

Hydraulic Lift Table (optional)

The hydraulic lift table system allows for a quick and easy table adjustment for oversized and heavy object positioning.


The LS3648 System is designed for the Memorial Industry. This machine comes standard with Roller Track and Tile Tray.

Work Area  36″ x 48″ (900 mm x 1220 mm) 
Available Laser Wattage 35, 90, 120

The LS4848 system is also designed for the Memorial Industry. This machine comes standard with Roller Track and Tile Tray.

Work Area 48″ x 48″ (1220 mm x 1220 mm)
Available Laser Wattage 35, 90, 120, 200

The LST4896 is available with roller tables for easy loading and/or unloading thick, heavy or cumbersome objects into the work area. An optional programmable conveyor system is also available for high throughput of thin flexible cutting applications.

Work Area 50″ x 100″/1250 mm x 25000 mm
Available Laser Wattage 35, 90, 120, 200

The LS610 has configurations and options that include custom table options, dual gantries and lasers, as well as material unwind and rewind, to meet the most demanding applications.

Work Area 74″ x 122″/1860 mm x 3000 mm
Available Laser Wattage 35, 90, 120, 200, 300

Table Options

Removable Engraving Deck Option
  • Allows for Tile and Marker engraving
  • Supports up to 250Lbs
  • Easy to remove
Tile Tray for LS3648

Shown with the LS3648

Roller Track
  • For roll in and roll out or roll through memorial support
  • Length of the roller track depends on the machine size
  • Insert versus removable track available
Roller Track for LS3648

Shown with the LS3648

Hand Crank Four Post Lift Table
  • 2000 lb. lift capacity
  • Maximum stone height 12″
  • Roll around cart
Four Post Lift Table for LS3648

Shown with the LS3648

Hydraulic Lift (available on LS610 only)
  • 2000 lbs. lift capacity
  • Integrated 10′ roller track
  • Foot pedal actuated
Hydraulic Lift for Easy Up/Down Table Adjustment
Extended Height Frame (available on LS610 only)
  • Extends frame height for additional clearance under the gantry
  • Adds capability to insert thicker stones and casket lids
LS610 Extended Frame Height
Glass Engraving Table (available on LS610 only)
  • Adjustable vacuum cup leveling fixture maintains a flat surface for high resolution engraving

Fume Extraction Options

Options available for fume extraction include fume pumps, diaphragm air pumps, and full width updraft manifolds.



Optics Options

  • 1.5” Focal Length Lens and holder for high resolution engraving
  • 4.0” Focal Length Lens and holder for general engraving with surfaces that vary in height



Urn Engraving Option (only on the LS610)

  • Includes a 5” 3 jaw chuck
  • Tailstock with center
  • Maximum urn or part length 16″