Broad Range of Products

CO2 (10.6um) Line Consists of:
  • L-Star (Large Format, Gantry-Based, Flat Bed Engraving & Cutting System)
  • FC Series (High Speed Fiber Cutting System)
  • CO2CAB (High Speed, Galvo-Based Marking & Cutting System)
  • FiberCAB High Speed, Galvo-based Marking System)
  • ProtoSCRIBE (Gantry-Based, Solar Ablation System)
  • ProtoCAB (Galvo-Based, Solar Ablation System)
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Why choose Vytek?
For over 20 years, Vytek has been mastering the use of laser technology so you don't have to. We bring you the broadest possible range of engraving, marking, and cutting solutions built to exacting standards with common hardware and software components that provide reliable performance for many years of profitable operation. We use a common controller across all product lines, fully integrated with industry leading professional software allowing you to rapidly produce single designs or production quantities with ease seamlessly even if you grow to use multiple Vytek systems. Overall, Vytek now offers the widest range of laser solutions in a broad range of wavelengths from 10.65 um through 355.
Selling a Solution
Vytek isn't satisfied to simply develop and sell products. By also concentrating on the development of applications that work seamlessly in your environment, rather than leaving it up to independent dealers to develop the customer relationship, or for you to stumble throughout he learning curve, Vytek is able to standardize both straight-forward equipment training and provide you with training in marketable solutions.
Designed in the U.S.A, Manufactured in the U.S.A, Supported in the U.S.A
Today and tomorrow, you are assured that Vytek is here to support your use of our products..
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